All Hellsgateway events are part of a private membership club, see rules and pricing page.


Real Fear™ is exactly what the name means! This is our most intense, 100% interactive scare event. Duration from start to finish is 1 to 1.5 hours and we do have a SAFE WORD for those who can't handle it. This of this as ninja warrior mixed with fear factor and a touch of doctor Phil.


Earn bragging rights if you complete the entire transgression of fears.  Must be 18 with state issued license or military ID. You will have to sign and finger print a HOLD HARMLESS agreement and perform video confirmation for entrance into this event.


There are no refunds what so ever for any reason.


This is not for the light hearted. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT wear your Sunday best clothing. Be prepared to throw your clothes out once you get home (if you do make it home). Bring a change of clothing if desired and a large beach towel or similiar.


We can accommodate groups but beware it will become survival of the fittest by the end of this event. This is a timed ticketing event due to 1-1.5 hour duration.


You must be to the site 30 minutes before your time spot. Purchasing of this ticket requires us to assign you a time slot and you must be on time for that spot. If you miss your time slot you must wait for the next available open spot that night. If you miss your time it cannot be rescheduled and there are no refunds.